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Stop wasting your time being stressed and anxious about public speaking, and missing out precious opportunities.

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Hello, I'm Georgina

I coach senior leaders and executives to communicate with confidence and project presence.

When you can speak confidently in your authentic style, you  develop a deeper trust and connection with your audience.

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Georgina made substantial difference for startup founders in delivering their message to HNWI, institutional investors and successful entrepreneurs. She tackled all the obstacles e.g. language barrier, founders' inexperience in public speaking and short timeline, and did her magic without any excuses. We look forward to continue working together.

Tsengel Chimeddorj CEO, Irbis Ventures

An absolutely amazing communication coach who has managed to support me in improving my communication skills and grow in my personal journey. Georgina has a holistic approach in the way she has guided me through the sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed it, particularly when I came out completely motivated and re-energised after my sessions. She is fun, generous and skilled in coaching and mentoring. Through her own experiences, she was able to grasp my needs and bring the right information and tools. With the techniques she shared with me, I readjusted my speech and I can sense more clarity now. I will absolutely recommend her.

Catherine C Head of Pharmacovigilance

After being coached by Georgina, I became very aware of my speaking habits, personal energy, and voice projection. This awareness allows me to make the changes I need to speak with presence and clarity. Georgina's coaching style is very personal and bespoke. If you want to have a stronger online and onsite presence, I would highly recommend Georgina to be your voice coach.

Fabian Lim Executive Top Team Coach & Managing Director, Authentic Point

I attended a group coaching on public speaking by Georgina. She was enthusiastic and fun; she had her lesson plans well thought out ahead of each class so that you knew exactly what each class/ day would entail. She had very deftly woven into each of her sessions personal experiences, life lessons as well as tips and tricks that made the technicalities of public speaking much easier to surmount. And she conducted the entire group class via zoom without any hitches! Nothing was lost in translation despite the virtual medium of instruction. I had heaps of fun in her class!

Fiona Kwok Sales Director, Northern Trust Asset Mgt

I had a pleasure to be coached by Georgina during the Snow Leopard Tech Challenge in 2019 where she helped me to deliver a professional startup pitch in front of potential, most affluent investors from Asia. With her help we managed to be in the top three. In any such startup challenges 80% is performance - body language, ability to deliver your pitch with ease and above all being confident in yourself. She methodically addressed all of these based on her experience and step by step guidance. Georgina is a fantastic coach and I would highly recommend her.

Ariunbat Dorjbat Marketing Strategist

Shout out to public speaking coach Georgina Chang for offering me personalized strategies and the confidence to say yes to this podcast interview! If you had asked a year ago, I would have said “I don’t do podcasts.” My anxiety around public speaking kept me from saying yes. I feel really proud of this performance. While I still have work to do, the mindset shift and tools from Georgina give me the confidence to keep going.

Jaclyn Lenee Junger Founder + design wizardess, Citrine Labs

Georgina took the time to understand my personality before starting the actual coaching, which really helped to get a personalized coaching experience!

Benjamin Ozsanay CEO & Founder, Cookly

Georgina has both the knowledge and knack to get anyone to re-look, re-think and re-engineer their positioning. I highly recommend Georgina if you are looking to make that shift. I had a paradigm shift with her, and it has been most beneficial and a breakthrough.

Selina Seah The Aura Master, The Aura Chakra Company

Live television can be unpredictable. I was at ease whenever Georgina presented my Live shows, quick to respond to unexpected situations and exciting moment with the same enthusiasm. She is a versatile presenter and mentor, with vast expertise and knowledge

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