Confidence is a skill that you can learn

I met my first love 3 decades ago, at Singapore’s #1 radio station.

Then I found the excitement of television, and travelled the world interviewing celebrities like Roger Federer and J.Lo.

I started coaching A-list media personalities 25 years ago, and felt joy in empowering people with their unshakeable confidence and highest potential.

Now, I guide you towards your mastery of confidence in how you speak to the world.  

Everyone Has To Start Somewhere

I was a nervous teenager the first time I turned on the radio microphone.

It wasn’t good. My voice was squeaky, I spoke too fast, and forgot what I wanted to say.

The criticisms were unkind and hurtful. Over the next few months, I worked hard on improving my voice.

One day, Terry the BBC trainer said, “You’ve done a great job modulating your voice and sound so good now!”

I finally spoke like a professional broadcaster.


Big hair and vinyl.

When I managed radio and TV personalities, I could see how they can build up more confidence. I quickly discovered their strengths and truly enjoyed maximizing that.

I meet many expert leaders who shy away from the spotlight. They don’t like the camera. After I work with them, they feel confident about sharing their knowledge under the spotlight.

They can help others and leave a legacy.

Don’t stay small. All you need is clarity and a roadmap on speaking and presenting confidently to people.

Are you ready to communicate with confidence to share your knowledge and value with the world?


Why I Can Help You

Having shot to overnight fame as a radio and television personality at Singapore’s #1 media company, Mediacorp, I’ve learnt how to develop inner confidence to overcome negative comments, and outer confidence to convince audiences.

Presenting on Channel V and ESPN Star Sports made me adapt to different cultures across South East Asia, India and the Middle East. Interviewing celebrities gave me deeper insights on how to project star presence.

My senior management roles honed my intuitive flair for transforming personalities into stars.

My purpose is to empower you by building your confidence to present convincingly to your clients, stakeholders, investors and audiences.

How would it feel like to make an impact and have star presence on stage?

Well Being is a Priority

I eat dark chocolate everyday. It goes well with a pour-over style coffee (Yirgacheffe!).

My other favourite things are hot yoga, long walks in nature, Amarone, Japanese whisky, cats and dogs almost equally, talking to my herb and vegetable garden and then eating some of them for dinner.

Working with Stars


Roger Federer is a true professional and gentleman, both on and off the court. He always gave genuine answers for every media interview, and it was a pleasure speaking with him every time. Go Federer!


After over 6 hours speaking with worldwide media in NYC, J.Lo kept her energy consistent. When I finally got to speak with her, she was amazingly fresh, beautiful, and personable. I could sense her big heart.

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is reputed to be intimidating at interviews, and I was a bit nervous. But he was amiable and kind to me, and even agreed to my request for a photo. It’s actually quite dorky to ask. I have a respectful crush on him.