Banish Your Monotone By Making it Multi-tone

Banish Monotone

A monotone voice bores people and sends them to sleep. Develop your multi-tone voice to engage and connect.

I used to nod off at morning lectures. Partly because I slept at 3am the night before. Mostly because the professor droned on in a monotone voice and my mind was utterly bored.

Changing Cultural Conditions

Back then, to sound intelligent and credible you must have a steady and even voice tone. Allowing emotions into your voice was not acceptable. Only young silly untamed minds did that.

Communication is shaped by cultural trends and now it’s different. “Keep it real” and “Be yourself” are catchphrases that people repeat. Revealing your pain and vulnerabilities are celebrated. People want to hear the nuances of the personality. A voice without emotion is flat, dull and perhaps, lacks sincerity.

Banish Monotone Boredom

Today, being emotionless will not connect.

Especially for online meetings and webinars. That even keel voice is sure to send everyone to sleep, or even worse… to the myriad of other distractions.

A monotone voice simply means that it lacks emotional expression. To make your voice multitone as opposed to monotone is allowing your emotional energy to colour your words and give it emotional prosody.

If you’re not used to it, how do you let the emotions that reside in the body flow naturally into your words?

Increase Your Multi-tone

There are many techniques to start expanding the boundaries of your voice.

4 basic things to consider are volume, pitch, pace, and emphasis.

  1. Try it out by reading aloud and going faster and then slower, or louder and then softer in the same sentence.
  2. Say a phrase in a slightly higher pitch, then try it in a slightly lower pitch. Hear how your energy changes.
  3. Practice emphasis by stressing on different words in a sentence. It can change the meaning and mood entirely.

Banish Monotone Forever

The monotone voice does not change overnight. You have to “unlearn” it and then get used to your new multi-tone voice. However, once you gain that voice mastery, you will not want to speak in dull tones again.

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