Avoid These 3 Mistakes To Grow Trust And Connect With Your Audience

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As a former TV presenter, I felt that my videos should be perfect. I’d record a video and not post it for months because it wasn’t broadcast quality. After realizing that I don’t have a whole TV crew to make it perfect anymore, I just put my raw unpolished video out there.

To my surprise and immense relief, I realized that people aren’t interested in perfect. They want real, and they just want content that helps them. 

It’s the same when you want to build trust and connect with people on a webinar or on video. Avoid these mistakes that I see people (including myself) making all the time.

Mistake 1

Letting imagined judgement of others paralyse you.

I had to overcome this too. If you allow the imagined negative judgment of others stop you, you will never grow and become better than you are.

People are too busy thinking about themselves. Really. Maybe a handful of unhappy people will find fault, but you know that it’s a reflection of them, not you.

Mistake 2

Not Rehearsing Your Speech.

Most people don’t rehearse, or they under rehearse.

Some people like to “wing it” and boast about that.

They’re just giving themselves a pre-meditated excuse in case it didn’t turn out well.

The audience showed up and deserve a great well prepared and rehearsed performance. When they receive that, their trust in you increases.

Anyone who wants to be an impressive speaker must take the effort to rehearse thoroughly. Steve Jobs’ obsessive rehearsals before his enthralling presentations are legendary.  

Mistake 3

Not Revealing Your Personal Story.

People love hearing stories of struggles and challenges, but they love hearing of the hero overcoming those challenges even more.

It warms the heart and gives hope that we are not alone in our struggles.

When you share your vulnerable mistakes and disappointments, it builds trust in others. You’ve created that bridge of humanity for them to connect with you.

I know that exposing vulnerabilities can be scary for many people, so start by sharing the smaller pains first.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how people are supportive, and that your story can actually uplift someone else.

Have you discovered other ways of building trust with your audience?


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