Confident Public Speaking and Communications Skills

“Why work with Georgina?"

In my 30 year media career, I  presented on radio, TV and live events, and coached A-list media personalities. 

Now, my purpose is to guide entrepreneurs and executives on projecting their authentic presence and personal brand for public speaking.

As a certified NLP Master Practitioner, my bespoke programs help you to overcome your challenges to become the confident speaker you want to be.

As your coach and mentor, I accelerate you towards your public speaking goals.

You’ll be comfortable about putting yourself out there, and speaking with confidence!

Public Speaking Confidence

Your new energy of polished confidence will attract clients, investors and followers.

“Can I be more Confident?”


You know that queasy feeling before you speak for a presentation or video?

And you think,

“I don’t want people judging me.

I’ll say the wrong thing and make mistakes.

I don’t want to look stupid.

That stress is an unnecessary waste of your energy!

I’ve helped many people go from fear and discomfort… to actually looking forward to their live presentation.

Would you like to feel relaxed and confident for your public speaking events?

“How Can I Get Started?”

Elevate Your Public Speaking Style

This bespoke program is designed especially for Senior Executives and Entrepreneurs who:

  1. Want to project their executive presence.
  2. Desire to captivate their audience’s attention during online presentations.
  3. Want to present engaging videos, live streaming or podcasts to increase traction and revenue.
  4. Want to learn how to up-level their performance in a safe and supportive space.

Stop being small and forgettable.

Would you like to find out which type of program is ideal for you?

Let’s find out ⬇️

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Communicate With Confidence for Teams

This is a hands-on learning practice where everyone supports each other to achieve similar goals.

Group Workshops are ideal if:

1. Your team wants to execute effective online presentations to clients and investors.
2. Your team wants to present social media videos to connect with more customers.

The virtual workshop starts in March.

Grab the limited time bonus and special price before it ends!

Enquire about a customized program for your team here.