Celebrities are People too...

I’ve interviewed many celebrities, both up and coming stars and legends. Although the interview time is short,  I can tell quite a lot about that person, and their energy baseline. I can sense the aura they project and the effect on the people around them. Some are closed up, some are open and responsive and some are so genuinely warm.

My adolescent Pop Idols


I was madly in love with Duran Duran for all of my teenage years, and was so thrilled to meet them and interview John Taylor and Simon Le Bon. See how I’m grinning with sheer delight.

Harrison in NYC

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is reputed to be intimidating and no nonsense at interviews, but he was very kind and amiable with me. He even agreed to my request for a photo. (It’s actually quite dorky to ask) I have a respectful crush on him.

JLo in NYC


I waited for over 5 hours for my turn to interview JLo in NYC, meanwhile she had been doing interviews with worldwide media for almost 8 hours. When I got to her, she was amazingly fresh, beautiful, and authentic. I could sense her big warm heart.

Roger Federer at the Australian Open


Roger Federer is a true professional and gentleman, on and off the court. He always gave genuine answers and it was a joy to speak with him everytime. I am team Federer!

Michelle Yeo in LA

When I grow up, I want to be Michelle Yeo. She radiates an aura of class and composure. I learnt so much about celebrity poise, just by being in her presence and observing her for a few minutes. Deep respect.

The hottest K-Drama actor


Song Joong-ki was the #1 hottest Asian star for several years after the release of Descendants of the Sun, and maybe he still is. He has an unassuming air, but unmistakeable star aura. I was pleasantly surprised that he was observant of what was happening around him.