Public Speaking

Public Speaking happens every time you speak up at meetings , in negotiations or networking.

Great public speaking skills is essential to gain trust and  traction with your target customer.

Get tips and techniques to enhance your professional communications for optimal performance.

Breaking Through Your Resistance

Our comfort zone can be a cage that keeps us small and fearful. Breaking through resistance requires focused effort, but is extremely empowering.

Mindset Shift to Overcome Self-Doubt

Mindset Shift to Overcome Self Doubt Seeing someone’s eyes light up as they experience a mindset shift in real time is exhilarating. I’ve seen that light many times, knowing that they’re moving towards their own greatness. For over 15 years, I’ve enjoyed giving face to face coaching on public speaking performance. I observe their subtle …

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This One Thing Makes You Sound Confident

Have you gone on stage and heard your shaky voice amplified? Or you spoke up and sounded breathless?
It’s embarrassing and you want to stop that from happening again.
I found this one thing helps to control my nervous anxiety every time.